What are the Pro's and Con's of Gardasil?

Gardasil is the strange vaccine for HPV and Ovarian Cancer..
My doctor say she recommend it to everyone lower than 26... I'm not sure its prerequisite.. any thoughts?

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The vaccine is extremely expensive! Plus, you bring a series of three shots.

It apparently protects against some HPV, but so does protected sex practices. Like the poster above said, distinctly loaf until long occupancy studies hold be done. You don't want to develop strength problems or own children next to birth defect down the road because of the still unknown side effects of the vaccine.

P.S. It doesn't completely protect you from HPV and cervical cancer! It merely protects against particular types of HPV that MAY impose cervical cancer. Other factor that the vaccine does not prevent can still basis cervical cancer. If you do opt to grasp it, receive adjectives of your facts straight first!

Is it true?

i would continue to hear around the long residence effects on women, because they don't own them on the other hand

Whats wrong next to me?

well it prevents getting cervical cancer when ur sexually alive and when u find it, it single feel approaching rather pinch and later 4 months subsequent u find another one of those shots afterwards 2 months after that u attain the end one. but none of next hurt bleak its of late rather pinch. its really so that when and if ur sexually avtive u cant find cervical cancer!

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It protects against cervical cancer and HPV, the most common STD surrounded by the world. I get my first shot this bygone week, and the merely piece discouraging almost it be my arm individual sore for a few hours. Other than that, request a pamphlet from your doctor's organization and you'll find out everything you entail to know from that.

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I wouldn't seize this until I have adjectives the information on its long occupancy affects. Who know what could come to pass down the road!
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