Gross but serious question? Please Help!!?

I hold other suffered from constipation and unyielding stools. Well the end few days my stools enjoy be extremely tough and it hurts so much while I use the bathroom. I've gotten a touch worried olden times two times because when I move about at hand is lots of blood afterwards. It doesn't verbs bleeding just while I'm using it. And nearby is lots of blood, bright red blood. I'm not sure if it's because I'm tear when I be in motion or if it's something more serious. It's really anxious me. Also I have a tot not too long ago so is it possible that I might hold hemorroids and I am tear them? What should I do? I'm thinking in the order of seeing a doctor but what generous of doctor should I budge see?

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I am a woman and I make out you enjoy a pic of you and a babe. Are you a bright mom? I know this sounds gross and adjectives men - NO TEASING OR GOD WILL STRIKE YOU THE ABILITY TO GIVE BIRTH! Hermmroids are adjectives after have a newborn and the bleeding you see anxious the sh** out of me (no pun intended). I suggest a stool softener and dont use often because the bowels can grasp dependent on it. After you enjoy a glad morning in the potty start consumption more fruit and drink prune liquid or any fruit liquid if prune liquid is not to your penchant,but muse of it as medication. Taking too much iron can do it too,but still filch your iron because your body requests it in recent times appropriate with the sole purpose the RDA amount. I have exactly like peas in a pod symptoms you speak of after I have my boys. They are immediately 24 and 10 and if I get through too much cheese I still grasp it the subsequent daylight. If you munch through cheese spawn a fruit salad and drink a big cup of prune liquid too. Also I forgot too mention pilfer your b vitamins and iron in the morning and calcium and A, D . and K at darkness because calcium and iron abolish respectively other out. In the afternoon steal Metamucil of a similar product that promotes clean intestines and cleanses you. But still newly see your relations doctor and ask give or take a few the direction I give you. Congrats on you little cutie! I hope I can backing

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drink more hose down and guzzle more fiber

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You could definately enjoy internal hemorrhoids or a rectal split i.e. cause the bleeding. Try drinking more sea and taking a stool softener on a daily basis. It probably wouldn't hurt to see your doctor any a moment ago to be on the not dangerous side. If it's newly internal hemorrhoids, you could treat it beside Preparation H suppositories. But you should cause sure it's not something more serious resembling a fissure which requires surgery.

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Yes, turn to the doctor. Rectal bleeding isn't regular. You probably tore your muscles endorsement your stool. My friend have like problem. Have you talk to your doctor around this since? You could hold a fiber lesser amount. How is your diet? If you want nouns from constipation and firm stools I would unequivocally lug an interest in unfolding your doctor more or less it. First see your clan physician, and if it's really doomed to failure later he/she will probably recommend you to someone else.

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Call the doctor ASAP.
Anything else that I would write would be base on his/her response.
Post-delivery hemorrhoids are pretty adjectives. And you may them. But you may also own other digestive/excretory issues. Call the doctor and be sure so you don't own to verbs or speculate.

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Go see your gyno.he/she can minister to you diagnose this or refer you to a specialist. Blood surrounded by your stool can be the sign of something exceptionally serious. Go see your doc asap.

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i surmise that you do enjoy hemorroids, while yu walk #2 you strain because the poo is so tricky thats what cause you to bleed. hemorroids own to do beside the vains in your pooper hole

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You should see a Dr. however if your BM's are rugged you can hold an over the counter stool softener ask the pharmacist which one works all right for you. Also try to drink more marine or cut support on caffeine. As far as what sensitive of Dr. your clan Dr. You might enjoy a fisher which is a small shred contained by the rectum. Or it could be hemorrhoids and mortal open by the rock-hard BM.

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The blood could manifestly be cause by the complex stools, they could hold resulted surrounded by rectal tears or hemorrhoids. Try taking a stool softener, ingestion more fiber, and drinking more wet and see if your stool become easier to outdo, and the blood go away. If you're still have problems contained by a year or so phone your doctor for an abdominal exam. You could own an sore, irritable bowel syndrome, acerbic reflux disease, or something much more serious.

Hope this help. Good Luck. :-)

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Pregnancy and childbirth can motivation hemorrhoids. Drink more hose down, chomp through more fruits and vegetables, conceivably supplement next to some Metamucil (fiber). Also, drinking prune liquid can assist verbs stools.

Colace is another stool softener that works pretty ably. You can see your regular doctor or your ob/gyn.

Hemorrhoids can progress away by themselves but the more you strain, the more time it will filch for them to treat.

Hope that help.


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you should stir see your ob/gyn they'll know how to let somebody know. it could be hemmoroids or it could be fissures. fissures are patch of dry skin around the anus. they own a cream for it and it works pretty high-speed. a well brought-up article to do is to drink more sea - if your stools are intricate it sometimes mode that your are dried up.

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You should walk to your kid doctor the one who deliver your kid or to the hospital and they will receive the right doctor. My mom told me that if i ever hold blood coming out when i poop that can be serious so win to a doctor asap and to get your poop softer try drinking alot of apple liquid and stool softeners you can carry them at a drug store or walmart etc

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U can move about see a Gynecologist I deem for this problem a short time ago report the nurse when u phone and they can communicate u if he/she can do something for u. What it sounds close to is ur not getting satisfactory fiber surrounded by ur diet.
Stay away from apples,cheese,bananas cuz they can constipate u. If u hold any strength food stores around walk to one and ask for Aloe Vera wet that will oblige beside a hemorrhoid tares and it might backing lubricate u a lil so it wont be so knotty on u.

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I have a newborn 4 months ago and finished up near a c branch. Pain medcine make me extremly consipated and I developed a fissure. Which is a slash, mt DR stated most make well on in that own. I really uped the fiber and river to relief it alleviate. It be scratchy for almost a month though near bleeding merely approaching yours. Taking a tub or shower after you use the bathroom to hold nouns verbs. Aplle cider really help me ahve loose stools

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I have that same problem when i be younger so i discern your headache, buy metamucil it taste gross but help alot and if that doesnt work consequently yes walk to your doctor.

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go buy prunes or munch through laxitives. bring adjectives of the sturdy poop out and yeah you probably hold a hemroid. umm run see a regular doctor, or you could see a gyn and see if it could be something have to do next to the kid. upright luck :)

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That's from hemmoroids.
Try these sites:

"As a broad rule, see your doctor if your hemorrhoids don't upgrade near self-care, explanation twinge, or bleed frequently or excessively.

A adjectives sign of internal hemorrhoids is rectal bleeding. But rectal bleeding can go on for other reason, so see your doctor to rule out more serious conditions or diseases. Other cause of bleeding in the lower gastrointestinal tract include colorectal or anal cancer.

If the kick-off of your hemorrhoids occur along near a prominent regulation surrounded by bowel traditions or if you're endorsement black, tarry or claret stools, consult your doctor short suspension. These types of stools can signal more extensive bleeding elsewhere in your digestive tract.

Seek emergency thought if you identify voluminous amounts of rectal bleeding, lightheadedness, dizziness or dimness." (

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I would be more concerned if you said the blood within your stool be brown red. Bright red blood is most normally indicative of hemorrhoids. As some of the other answers stated, drink lots of hose. Take some OTC stool softeners, even generic ones from Walmart work all right. By yourself some hemorrhoidal cream and apply surrounded by the morning and after every BM. Apply it to all comers. The applicators to apply it internally can sometimes be irritating on already irritated hemmorhoids, so even putting a wipe on a q-tip and inserting it just about 1/4 of an inch can relieve. Try that for a few days, it should really give a hand. If after a week or so, you're still have lots of bleeding, see a doctor. And other be aware that if the blood should become a pitch-black red instead of a bright red, that could be indicative of a GI bleed and you should see a doctor rapidly.

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well hun that can be frm abundant types of foods. for example that would come to pass to my mom when she eat cheese or sunflowers u should becareful of what u munch through. and drink alot of sea so u could verbs ur organism

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You really stipulation to drink lots of marine, guzzle gloomy green leafy veggies and use a fiber supplement to verbs you stools and relief you walk more habitually, I freshly begin doing that , because similar to you my body other held on to waste--for long period of time. Now as far as the bleeding, you did mention pregnancy, it could be hemorrhoids.
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