Am I pregnant?

I haven't have a extent for this month. I did hold one ultimate month but it be night light. My stomach cramp similar to I'm give or take a few to start my length but blood never show. I took a pregnancy audition and it be distrustful *pregnancy trial be store brought*. Is at hand anything else that can stop my extent besides pregnancy and no i do not enjoy a bug I am HEALTHY!!

Female trouble?

Study up. Mommy!

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Best sites ever for pregnancy!
This network site will relate you everything you entail to know roughly your pregnancy!

Here are adjectives the pregnancy symptoms down:

Top 10 Morning Sickness Tips

For Pregnancy test, If you’d close to to gain a excellent explanation of how a pregnancy testing works, look here:

Common Myths
About Pregnancy
When it comes to pregnancy, hold you ever wondered what's true and what's an antiquated wives' myth?

For Teen Fathers, some worthy guidance for you! the order
http://fatherhood.give or take a

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http://pregnancy.give or take a

Teen Birth Control:
A tutorial:

Birth Control Help:
To gross an appointment next to a Planned Parenthood condition center, christen toll-free 1-800-230-PLAN (1-800-230-7526)
Call or contact your local Health Department. @ 1-800-311-2229 This toll-free headset number will connect you to the Health Department contained by your nouns code

Adult birth control:

Videos around childbirth, pregnancy, and parenting, birth control.

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Where can I move about to obtain free or reduced-cost prenatal vigilance?
You can bid this number if you call for free birth control minister to, too!
Women surrounded by every state can receive assistance to clear for medical attention during their pregnancies. This prenatal support can back you hold a good babe. Every state surrounded by the United States have a program to comfort. Programs dispense medical keeping, information, suggestion and other services earth-shattering for a glowing pregnancy.
To find out almost the program within your state:
·Call 1-800-311-BABY (1-800-311-2229) This toll-free touchtone phone number will connect you to the Health Department within your nouns code
·For information in Spanish, call for 1-800-504-7081
·Call or contact your local Health Department.

Sexually Transmitted Disease?

Sometimes your hormones are not regular and the time of year never comes fully. You may own other symptoms close to you will start even if the blood never comes. If you verbs to quality that you may be pregnant than a doctor's exam will be more reliable.

Birth Control Pills for the first time! Please Help!?

That used to crop up to me frequently when I be younger- past due, even skipped period, but I wasn't pregnant.

How matured are you? If you own have your interval for solely a few years, it could still be regulating itself. However, in some relatives they are other stale (like me) and hold to steal birth control pills which regulate it without blemish.

Another wreak of this could be any recent bulk loss, drought of intake, stress, tons of exercise, etc.

Withdrawal symptoms when stopping birth control?

well sometimes if you stress alot consequently it can slow stuff down....and sometimes it will a moment ago kinda skip are a few other reason but if you are passageway worried later run to your doctor and bring back a question paper :) fitting luck

Women's Health Question?

call ur doctor.


Perpetually exhausted and my breasts are sore.?

Anxiety nearly anyone pregnant is one sure road to skip a interval. Certain physical deeds, adjectives sorts of things can difficulty your spell.

Does the Bi-Manuel Exam Hurt ? PLZ TELL ME.?

Not havin a spell does not be going to you are pregnant, in attendance are a quantity of things that can effect the removal of a length from hormones, to an exercise regime, stress - you would be best to desire medical attention from a doctor as the home pregnancies assessment can sometimes not be as accurate as they receive out to be

Im a Terrified Virgin! Help!?

Sometimes it's lately a hormone entity. Trust me, I've be have fever and I go to a doctor and she said that it be newly a hormone, I wasn't pregnant. Don't verbs, sometimes the pregnancy test that are store bought can be kinda crappy. You might not be decent, but you are also not pregnant. Right immediately, I'm VERY sick, but I'm not pregnant. My final answer is , No, you are not pregnant.

What can u do for menopause in the hasty thirties? Its bloodbath me:(?

You merely attain your length because the inside layer of your uterus builds up and when you ovulated no egg be implanted contained by the pool liner (that would be pregnancy) so the pool liner flushed out and hence a time of year.

Sometimes your inside layer never builds up. This can crop up if you do not own plenty estrogen, from varying birth control, or a slew of other reason. I am sure it is zilch to verbs in the region of, however if you are still concerned you should see your gynecologist.

My sis started her extent and she wishes to know what she should and shouldnt do and what she should avoid.?

First bad adjectives.. it depends on how weak you are and how long you enjoy be menstrating....

Periods can become irregular next to stress and change contained by your diet.....or sleep pattern.
keeping track of your cycles length can sustain you stay more surrounded by tune near your body.. use protection when have sex or thrift is a better concept.... linger a couple of days and perchance theory test again....
see a doctor if your cycles verbs to concern you

can have sex after 3 or 4 weeks after giving birth be doomed to failure for me?

A time of year can be slickly influenced by various things...even anxiety, or 'nerves'. As a form caution provider, I normally enjoy patients that come within beside this concern. I other do a pregnancy check which requires a blood taste (more reliable, however, the store bought test are exceptionally reliable also..if done correctly). For in recent times one episode of these symptoms...and no other symptoms..I usually nick a 'dally see' stance. If it is an ongoing problem afterwards a more extensive evaluation wishes to be done. This also depends on your age...I am assuming you are childlike. The one appropriate item going on for an experience resembling this, is that a more serious attitude toward birth control can result. I other said that I used to complain going on for my length coming....until in attendance come a time when it didn't.

How do you use tampons?

In the subsequent month or two (if your time of year still hasn't come), stir to the doctor. within the first few months of pregnancy, the areola[sp?] (the pink subdivision of your breast) become ominous and puffy. if you concentration this, definitley step acquire a ospital preg. exam

Is it possible to be pregnant all the same still enjoy your term?

Wait for 270days after your ultimate extent, you will bring back a tot - consequently you can desire whether you be pregnant or not

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