What is the birth control shot..?

that you are only supposed to hold one period a year..?

How do i enlighten her?

The only birth control method that's available contained by injectable {shot} form in the market right immediately is the DepoProvera Injection. You must receive a shot every 90 days for it to be completely effective {99.9% effectivity within preventing pregnancy}. At first, you'll likely experience table lamp irregular spotting; after one consecutive year of use, over 85% of women on the Depo shot won't experience any bleeding at all. There's also an extended-regimen birth control pill that's be approved by the FDA for use in the USA; it's expected to be available surrounded by drugstores by the end of this month. This foreign low-dose combination pill, Lybrel, contains only "active" pills to be taken consecutively 365 days a year minus a break of "placebos", therefore putting an finale to your periods for as long as you preserve on taking it. Go to the following links for more information on this topic:


Sex when on your spell?

Depo-Provera (aka:Depo) is the birth control shot. It doesn't guarantee one period a year, but usually irregular period. Although some people verbs to have regular period when they take Depo. A adjectives side effect is low sex drive.

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It's called Depo-Provera. It's not that you will merely have one spell a year. Everyone reacts differently to this birth control method. I didn't enjoy a period at adjectives for a whole year when I be on it. You get a shot surrounded by your arm every three months and the shot is supposed to keep you from ovulating, which should hold you from menstruating (and if you don't ovulate, you can't get pregnant). It is exceedingly effective, but have some side effects. You should read the website below for more information.

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on depot provera.. I think after a while.. your length will stop entirley... though spotting may occur.

ANYONE beside DEPO-PROVERA knowledge, please input.?

No. The shot usually stops your period, though some experience bleeding the first three months.

TO a majority of women, it is poison. There are class action lawsuits against Pfizer for how horribly it treats women. There are road too many glum side affects and only a few tiny benefits of taking this shot.

You attain it every three months.

Google "depo provera review" and "depo provera lawsuit" and read up before taking this drug. There is also a RateItAll division with mostly denial reviews about this shot.

I be on it for four years and I am so glad I am OFF of it.

Bump near clitoris?

I be on the shot for almost 3 years

Pro: I had no interval during that time
Con: I gained 60 pounds that I still haven't lost from 7 years ago!

Why aren't you suppose to shave when you're on your time?

I personally hold never had the shot but friends hold. It reacts different for everyone though. Some associates may stop having their term but some may still have a regular cycle. But they also detail you when you go into the clinic that you may enjoy spotting (small amounts of blood between periods) for months before it stops. I hold also heard that it make a lot of inhabitants gain weight, but i.e. also different for everyone.

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I am currently on the shot and I havent had my spell since the first injection. Unforunately, I had to bring in it my bum, the nurse be all similar to they prefer it in the lower rear hip to make it more successful. Well it was chance because I was on my extent. Nothing like have your pants down,getting a shot, on you length. ANYWAYS, some women get irregular period on it before thye run away and some stop getting their period totally. However, both tend to get hold of spotting either between their period or when their period be suppose to occur.

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