Question almost my "period" while on the pill. {it's my first month on it}?

Well, I just started birth control this month to back regulate and now I'm on the week that I'm supposed to hold my "period". I know 99% of all the details in the order of the pill that I should know, but I have one ask:

Is the blood that's coming out supposed to be brown/dark brown/black? It has it's moments where on earth it's pinkish, but for the majority of this week, it's been menacing brown/almost black. I'm on day 4 of the placebo week. Any suggestions/ comments/ reassurence?

Thanks within advance!!

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Firstly...I love your little "..." around the word period.are you one of the smart ones who figure out it isnt actually a interval when you are on the pill? Most women dont know this.
No peoples...dont start yelling at me basically yet! The pill time is not a period...see what the Mayo Clinic have to say nearly it if you dont believe me! They are a worldwidely respected medical clinic. you most likely already know, the pill reduce the amount of bleeding and cramping you get when you win your "period". And you may have notice that blood goes brown when it get old and...comatose I guess.
The speed at which you bleed when having a spell varies according to how much your uterus is in actuality bleeding and how much it is cramping, as cramps push the blood out.
So youre not bleeding as much as you normally would and your uterus isnt contracting as strongly. This funds the blood takes a moment or two more time to come out, and during this extra time it discolors and goes brown. Rather alarming if it hasnt happen to you before, but nil to worry more or less unless it is happening when your "period" isnt due (but remember, spotting can be expected for the first few months)
Well I hope I cleared that up for you! Best of luck.

EDIT: Yes it is for matching reason...I should enjoy explained that I meant it take longer for it to come out of the cervix and go into your vagina...near reduced cramping and bleeding, it sits in your uterus and cervix for longer, its in there that it go brown, not actually contained by your vagina. So using tampons or pads wouldnt product a difference.
Sorry for not 'splaining that bit

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I think it vary... I wouldn't be concerned.

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Brown blood is just the infirm blood. Old blood is normal. I used to hold it as part of my period even before I ever go on the pill.

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Sometimes the blood is darker next other times. Sometimes there is old-fashioned blood and that often comes out brown or almost black. If you are really concerned, than speak to your doctor, but specifically normal if you ask me.

honest luck!

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mine did like thing. it be dark brown for the first months term then it be normal the subsequent month.

Is it normal? (plz comfort me!)?

Yeah, your period can specifically change greatly on the pill. Coming out darker might be fragment of it getting lighter, or clotting more, but it's definitely a run of the mill and common color, so don't verbs!

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