Migraine abet.?

I'm pregnant and experiencing terrible migraines that engineer me almost non-functional. I also wear contacts, and when I take them out it seem to help near the headaches. Any suggestion? What kind of niggle medication is safe and will abet? Could my contacts be to blame (I keep them really verbs and replace them often). I hate wearing specs! Why is being pregnant making my contacts confer me migraines? What brands of contacts are good when the brand you wear incentive you to feel similar to you've been looking cross-eyed adjectives day? Thanks!

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I suffered next to migranes while I was pregnant and you can recieve treatment if mandatory, but DO NOT take ANY otc meds in need consulting YOUR OB first. I was a big lover of the torridol injections, non narcotic and basicaly high dose ibuprofin, smaller number risk to baby and hasty pain nouns. If wearing your contacts is causing you a problem switch support to your glasses, you may entail new contacts.

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Well within all cases it's best you other check with a doctor/optometrist back blindly following advice on the internet. Here's my suggestions, but PLEASE check beside your health professionals.

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As for contacts, explain the situation to your optometrist and he can/will provide you next to the information for your contact prescriptions and suggestions as to what you should be using instead. Although maybe for the duration of the pregnancy, eyeglasses would be best.

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Treatment of migraines during pregnancy can be tricky. You should really talk to a doctor for specific diagnosis and treatment. Check this connect for advice: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/headach...

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Consult your OB/GYN doctor and grasp an eye exam for your contacts. Don't take any affliction meds without your doctors OK

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You need to bring this up beside your doctor.. and only the doctor.. Nothing is secure to take when your carrying a child unless the doctor prescribes it to you.. Every party is different..

Maybe it is the contact solution your wearing or your contacts aren't right for you anymore.. Also see a eye doctor and have your eyes checked..

Good luck and congradulations..

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There's a new nouns in migraine treatment:

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