How long does a fibrous uterus bleed after its been operate on and what location does the doctor cut into?


If i start taking birthcontrol today?

Do you mean uterine fibroid tumors?

There are different kind of fibroids. Some of them grow on long stalks in the uterus, the stalk is cut and cauterized. Some of them grow inwardly the walls of your uterus and the only path to get "rid" of those it to remove the uterus. Some of these surgeries are vaginal, others are through the tummy.

Since there are different kind of fibroids and different ways to operate on them, I would make an appointment beside your OB/gyn. They need to determine what character they are before they can make clear to you how they are going to be removed, or if they even need to be removed.

I enjoy lived with mine for a long time and own never considered removing it. Just because you have one doesn't expect you have to own surgery. They are NOT cancerous.

You might want to read this so you can educate yourself on the types of fibroids and treatment option:

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