Late Period.?

how long after you have missed your extent would you say a home pregnancy assessment which gives a refusal result is accurate?
i am 9 days late. i enjoy taken 3 preg tests and adjectives negative.
don't really hold any weird symptoms,... a short time ago a little hurricane lantern cramping and sore boobs... i guess PMS... have't have unprotected sex at all... a moment ago with my long time boyfriend and we wear condoms every time.
lately quit my job... own been underneath a bit of stress with that and worrying in the order of why my period is unsettled which i gues might be making it later. or perchance my cycle is changing?
lend a hand? advice? i call for some peace of mind.

Regular cycle but 1 day mestrual spell it average?

At this time in your cycle, the test are 99 % accurate. You might want to consider taking a test near the 1st urine of the morning if you haven't already; the hormone levels are greater then.
Since you haven't have unprotected sex, I wouldn't stress over the 1% chance of a false-negative oral exam. The stress in your enthusiasm may be making you irregular. If you don't start in a week do another test or name your doctor for advice.

Can u grasp preganet if u have sex the second daylight of your period and ure time of year normally end 4-5 days?

You're feeling stressed? There's your object. You would be amazed at how many different things can motive a period to be delayed. Since you have tested and retested, I doubt you are pregnant. Your body is freshly reacting to the stress.

Also, cycles can translate. It happens adjectives the time. I remember once when I just simply skipped 2 months completely. I wasn't pregnant. My integral cycle just flip-flopped. I go from starting around the first of the month to starting around the 15th. It just happen out of nowhere.

You'll probably get your term next month. You might skip it again though. The body is a funny piece. Don't worry so much. You'll draw from back on track.

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