What is a g-spot? and where on earth can i find it in me? :)?


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The womanly G- spot is located inside the thick vagina wall. If you insert your unsidedown forefinger and middle finger, inside the vagina and wipe the wall that is facing the bellybutton, you can grain a bump. Here is the trick... first of all you want to make sure your partner is completely stimulated first. Aroused from another nouns. Just jumping right contained by and trying to stimulate the vaginal g-spot can be painful.

Stimulate the clitoris past and get yourself and her exceedingly aroused, and then you can put your finger inside of her and do it that approach. This way she is already aroused from another nouns and ready to be stimulated. When the g-spot is aroused it become swollen as well, which make it easier to access. Dont be afraid to experiment, you might want to consider a g spot stimulating toy. They work well. Good Luck

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go to the mirror. open your mouth really yawning. its the hangy down thing you see within the back here

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the "hangy down thing" is ur uvula.


I don't know EXACTLY what the g spot is, but.its this sensative ridge and to find it, if you're laying on your put money on and you intert a finger, keep pressing your finger up until you surface something kind of rock-hard.

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I hope there is no men on here as this is a personel sound out?


Have Fun.

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OK No tomfoolery around. It usually takes a honourable partner. Its kinda hard to find your G spot if your stressing out looking for it, Relax and relish your body. But thats the important piece.RELAAAAAAAX. Thats when BAAAAAM it hits you. Good luck. Oh p.s. A 'G' spot is your sweet spot.

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It is a spot give or take a few 1inch from the opening of the vagina in the front. You can achieve climax either by fingering your insides, or rubbing your clitoris(which for me, is much more effectual way to orgasm than the fingering entry, unless my man is doing it for me, which is how we discovered that the g-spot really exists. I heard on that "natter sex" show and we wanted to find out if it is true.) Anyway...nearby you have it.

And yes, you can and probably can BETTER accomplish orgasm by playing with your clitoris.

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that penny-pinching a part on your body that sensitive beside.. easily get hold of high once other shindig touch there. I come up with you will know the answer if your partner is expert in fore play

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the g spot is a special area inside your vagina on the other side of your pubic bone. its liberal of a rough patch. and u can get an orgasm by rubbing your clit.

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this URL will explain what it is.

this URL will bestow you a diagram of what to look for.

in my personal experience the g-spot is surrounded by two areas not one the clitoris is the most sensitive part of a woman body. and the urethra is wear a woman urine comes out of. but when both the clitoris and urethra are stroked in a upward and downward motion for in the region of a minute a white liquid comes out call the female ejaculate.

you will be surprised on how similar a mannish ejaculate is to a female ejaculate

i myself own tasted it. the first women i taste, taste approaching honey. the others tasted resembling water.

the first woman that i did it too experienced a multiple orgasm.

adjectives though i found that not all women are duplicate. some climax but don't ejaculate a white substance. some don't feel anything at adjectives.

the ones that don't climax at all usually own very sensitive nipples you might want to arouse that nouns instead.

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