Absence of term / amenorrhea?

So i'm eighteen. not sexually active, and i havent have my periods since october of later year.

I went to my people doctor, and she got me to do a blood testing and a pelvic ultrasound.

My blood test be normal, except for my liver which be off by a couple of numbers - which she said could be the result of hep b immunisations i a moment ago recieved.
Pelvic ultrasound was ordinary too.

Now she's referring me to the gynecologist. what other tests can i carry to find out why im not menstruating?

How much does it hurt to get your genitals pierced? Please individual answer if you know!?

Did they test for prolactin level?

Are you eating a ably balanced diet?

Are you a gymnast, tango dancer or any other type of athlete?

Any of the above can cause amenorrhea.

Read here: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/amenorr...

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I don't know, but you don't have amenhorrhea. Amenhorrea is when you're over 16 and enjoy NEVER had your time of year.

Does it matter if one breast is droopier than the other?

Could be stress or change in your substance. Other than that i dont know what it could be.

Norcalgirly, she does have amenhorrhea. What you are referring to is primary amenhorrhea.

Women! please lend a hand me!! :'(?

Simplest is a therapeutic trial of hormonal psychotherapy, first with a progestational agent alone, after with a combination of estrogen and progestin. That covers the considerable majority of cases. Then simple hormonal assays (more directed blood tests) would be indicated. After that, it can sometimes get complicated, but those are a tiny minority.

IS at hand anything that helps stretch grades dissapear or lighten up?

You might hold Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Don't panic. Just look at the enumerate of symtpoms (http://www.womens-health.co.uk/pcos1.asp... and see if you have more than a couple. Because irregular period are very adjectives in immature women, it could just be a issue of time before you regulate. There aren't lots clear-cut answers to irregular periods.

What is the average solidity?

hmmm it happen some time but you should know abount this step on that site and look around what you need http://www.penisenlargementx.com/... its nontoxic and i have also tried this site.

Looks resembling the cli*ories but on the urethral or right below it !?

alot of different things cause peaople to own problems with ther menstrual cycles. it is moral that you are going to a gyno because they can fifure these things out, but minor things can also trigger periods from not coming and you may want to look into this. have your life syle changed contained by any way or form are you stressed because of a frightening situation that may enjoy occured? Did you change your drinking habits beside vigorus exercise because alot of exercise with stop your period in some individuals.Idon'y know anything roughly you but lets a short time ago say if you be anerxia starvation will promote this problem. The only other article to do is not to get stressed out bythis because it will contribute to it as ably. I hope you gewt some anwers from your gyno. good luck

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