Vaginal pain? women solitary?

everytime me and my b/f have sex it feel like Im a virgin it hurts so doomed to failure and to make it worse i don't produce satisfactory of my own lube, so I use astroglide. but it hurts so bad in the order of 4 cms inside my vagina. this pain last for the first five minutes and goes away afterwards sometimes comes back because I budge dry down there and we hold to use more lube and after I get done I obtain very desperate vaginal pain burning, and sore around the initial then when I shift to the bathroom and pee it burns or I have throbbing from my uretha, it feels similar to i still have to dance to the bathroom but it wont come out. this pain usaully last for 30-35 min and I've been have this pain for the concluding yr. but these symptoms don't occur anyother time except when i have sex and presently we dont have sex but approaching 2 times a week because It hurts so doctor said it be vulvadynia but I never had this problem near anyother guys so could it be my b/f is too big? and if you know anything that could help please do

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It could be he is too big for you. If you never have problems with other guys this might be a appropriate reason, but as I get the drift these symptoms can occur suddenly. On the other paw, did your doctor say why he suspects vulvodynia?
How is vulvodynia diagnosed?
You may necessitate to have a pelvic exam and test to check for bacteria and yeast. If any try-out results don't seem conventional, your doctor may want you to have a colposcopy or a biopsy. Colposcopy is an exam of the genital nouns that uses a special magnifying cup. If you have a biopsy, your genital nouns is numbed with a local anaesthetic, and a small piece of tissue is taken to be looked at with a microscope.

There is an running
You can ask them how this is diagnosed.

Here you will find sites that discuss treatment etc.

I hope its not vulvodynia but just the size of your b/f penis.
Good luck.

How long did it hold you to get you rperiod rear?

it kind of sounds resembling a yeast infection, urinary tract infection, or a STD. have you be checked for these? I doubt he is to big but it could be a possibility. good luck!

After sex (serious question)?

It could be thrush or some other infection. It could especially be thrush of you are on the pill or other medication- as some produce it worse or more likely to crop up.
If it isn't, then you could be allergic to your partner. (I am not humour by the way sorry.) I hold heard of women have problems with newly one partner and it turns out it is the partner's fluids- sorry I don't know much more than that, and hopefully this isn't the case- but a gyno would hopefully be able to relieve you.
As for his size- I don't think a guy can be too big- we are made to own babies so with adequate foreplay and if the female is geared up, then the vagina should know how to fit without too much difficulty.
I am sorry to hear you own this problem, apart from the pain it must be drastically frustrating.
I really hope that you find out what it is.

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