Lump on my breast?

I have a lump on my breast, I'm 15, it doesn't hurt. I dont hold any other symptoms of breast cancer so what could it be.? I'll probably go see a doctor but any philosophy?

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Here's a link that have some good information on breast lumps. It say that usually four out of five are not cancerous. Check it out, but yes, definitely see a doctor.

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Probably just a safe cyst. You do need to take it checked though.

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it could be a cyst but it always best to see your Dr because even thou it doesn't hurt it could be something serious. Good luck

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I had cancer near 24 years of age. Cancer doesn't ask for your age, it doesn't discriminate there. From my experience, the cancer did not hurt surrounded by the beginning stages. Go see your physician, and product sure that it is not malignant. Good luck.

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you might just be obtain bigger in the breast. but if you consider theirs something wrong you should talk to your parents.

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Just for the record, breast cancer doesn't really own any symptoms. That's why women need to do self-exams and progress for annual mammograms.

Breast cancer in teenagers is almost unheard of, so you can relax I guess. Still, it could be a cyst. Cysts are not dangerous, but they can be rough. Definitely have your doctor check it out.

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Are you sure it's a lump? I hope it's not. I guess cancer has be said to be only something to verbs about when your within your 40's and up but I've found that it can happen to anyone no situation what age. So you defenitly need to shift see a doctor because that's the only legitimate information you can get right in a minute. It could be fibrostic changes possibly that makes it touch like a lump, if so don't verbs much because I have be told I have fibrostic change or whatever going on and it's nought to worry in the order of. Although if you're sure it's defenitly a lump, have you told your Mom, or anyone you trust to give support to you inspect it? The best thing to do right presently is go to a specialist if you can or in recent times a primary care physician. A specialist is probably the best track to go. I hope it's not a lump or anything to verbs about though. Good luck.

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Before it could be life-threatening u should consult a doctor even if it doesnt hurt.It may be harmful so, for ur well brought-up health please dont stoppage.Best of luck!

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It could be fatty tissue. Your pretty young to enjoy breast cancer but never assume or rule out anything. It could also be a cyst or even from what i understand you can take a lump from a plugged follicle depending on the location it could be a swollen gland. You can even get swelling or a lumpy awareness from deodorant or under-wire bra's. Please go see your doctor or if you own an OB/GYN yet see that practitioner. I am elder then you but surrounded by 2002 i was removing my bra while getting undress Halloween and feel a lump on my right breast. I ended up have it aspirated (i believe that was to check for fluid), have an ultra sound and a mammogram. I concluded up having the lump removed during a surgical procedure it be the size of an orange. They sent it to the lab to be biopsied. It turned out to be zilch. for the most part I hold had "lumpy" response breasts as long as i can remember this one just seem larger, out of the ordinary and at the time i touched it kinda itchy.
Good luck! and I hope all go well.

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Breast cancer usually occures in ages much elder than you ...however you need to check it up though..

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you should see a dr to be on the out of danger side.but ,did you detect this lump during or around your period?do you drink beverages that contain caffeine, pop,coffee tea etc)?do you enjoy any nipple discharge? do you have a ethnic group history of breast cancer?when i was your age i found painless lumps in my breast that i be told where a cyst and where on earth i drank too much things that contained caffeine.stay away from caffeine if you drink it do routine (monthly) breast exams ask your dr for proper times and the way to do them.good luck.see md

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may lately be a chryst, but you should see a doctor, but if you won't they have at home, breast cancer testes

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