Not only do I have excessive urination, I have excessive vagina farts. What is wrong?

So I've had excessive urination. I've asked what's wrong next to me, currently no answers. Not only do I hold excessive urination, my vagina blows gas every three minutes. Am I abnormal? What's wrong beside me?

why do i feel approaching god is against me, 27 no kids and a hysterectomy coming and i am allways in pain why>?

I reflect you need to work on those muscles love. easier said than done s3x would help as would pelvic floor exercises. I can't lend a hand with the exercises but if you requirement a good sturdy rooting, give us a telephone.

do you believe that pms is a genuine excuse?

You are basically trying to be sexy.

What is the purpose for women to fake orgasm?

see a doctor

If I took my pill at 9 pm and threw up at 3 am, am I okay?

Too much yeast within your deit, but im sure them fanny farts sound cool.!

Question going on for the pill yasmin any one who takes it immediately and anyone else who can help?

I bet you are a chuckle a minute in bed!

what causes ashen vagina discharge other than yeast infection?

Are you overweight?....That could motivation both.

Kinda PersonalGirls onlyplz?

I would ask my ob/gyn today. Posting here isn't really the best solution to that problem.

Do you think Pharmaceutical Companies such as Merck or Lilly?

If this is a quip it's in poor savour!

Blue Cross?

This is definitely not something I enjoy ever heard of beforehand, and certainly hold no experience with. Huh, you revise something new every sunshine. Good luck.

women who are trying to conceive with their significant other?

try getting a penis?
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Can people beside Anorexia hide their mental disorder?They seem norm?

See a doctor!! It's tough to be more helpful minus knowing your age and if you've had kids or not. The symptoms you describe could be diabetes, bladder problems, uterine, cervix or vaginal wall change. See a doc ASAP.

Should Girls shave their arms?

You might have an overactive bladder or Urinary Tract Infection.
You can read about UTI here:

I'm not sure in the order of your "vagina farts"...

No, can you have sex when you havent gotten your time YET?


I have be on Yasmine an had my regular extent an forgot to take my pill for several days.?

Try Kegel exercises. See website below for more info. They are wonderful for enhancing your sex existence and to not pee on yourself anymore. Hehe! Good luck to you.

Would some one be kind adequate to answer one of my health question? Via my profile.?

Better not get any of 'dem crotchless underpanties. Someone might focus you blewed a hole in 'em!

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The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the weave, the answer is blowin' in the wind...

I weigh 13 stone should be ashamed?

we can't donate you the right answer to this. you really need to see your gyn. it could be anything from 0-10; don't filch a chance near that on this site. you see the great help the guys are giving you.encouraging right?

Blood inside?

see a doctor asap

Contraceptive Injection?

Maybe in that's a bean eating midget living in your hoo-hoo.

how do i know when my time is coming when i have an irregular extent that is a reach of 14-35 day cycle?

Its somewhat common if you just this minute gave birth. Check next to your ob/gyn.

are pet bottles good for the robustness?

i have no clue wats wrong near u. thats kinda gross. why do some people mull over thtats sexy. i would go to ur gyno today or soon as possible. something mite be rly wrong.

Almost bulimic?


Here is some proposal on breast reductions.?

frequent urination could be a sign of diabetes, but queefing is middle-of-the-road and very cool.

I enjoy a gap contained by my 2 front teeth. It's not huge, but it's there.?

It sounds greatly likely that you hold a yeast infection. If you don't see a Doctor and get on antibiotics it will worsen and
you will be emotion real desperate.


Does your vagina need a kiss??

Is it okay if im bleeding when i dont hold my period?

Wow...a peeing queever what a bummer. Ask a urologist for answers.

Bumps on areola/nipple?

I regard as is time that you go see your gynecologist

Why it pains during menstruation?

vagina farts? haha! this one is for files..

I think I'm overweight?

When you time the "blows" do you use a study or Big Ben.
Are you sure its 3 minutes, now could it be 4 or 2.
Hope It is 3 anything else and in good health I pity you.
And your vagina.

Clomid/ Pregnancy Question Help!?

omg lol ! madam,I have never herald of a womans private blowing wind,please dont get me laugh! I am 65 years babyish,and I have NEVER farted from at hand! my a** maybe but---- nouns hee hee LOL!as for your tinkling a lot stop drinking too much liquid!! rubberstampr

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