Can a young girl contract herpes from a toilet??

my friends 4 yo daughter was a short time ago tested for Herpes... it might be possitive... she was checked by a doctor for sexual assault and question by a phycologist for the same entity and they both said she was not assaulted... where on earth else can a 4 yo get it.. adjectives family memebers be tested as well as any one who used the toilets at the house and evey one who hang out there.. adjectives of us are neg...

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i've heard its possible but within is a very small hit and miss. thats a shame!

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did she have sex beside it?

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No. The virus dies hastily once it leaves the human body. I know, our mothers always told us that we'd pick up horrible diseases from public toilet seats---I mean, I still "hover" or lay down 2 inches of broadsheet before I travel near them a moment ago because I think it's gross to put my exposed butt where some strangers unprotected butt just was---but vaginal herpes is sexually transmitted. Now, if she have cold sores--that's herpes simplex virus 1. Genital is herpes simplex virus 2. Here's great information on it:

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You can't fence in STD's from a toilet seat! Where be you in sex ed??

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a 4 y. o. could hold gotten it by contact-------like for example----she climbs up in someones nouns and touches this persons mouth----lets say aloud that someone had a cold sore that be draining----child then puts their fingers in their mouth or even rubs their eye after touching the sore-----yes it can be this undemanding at times.

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Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted infection (STI) spread by have vaginal, anal or oral sex with someone infected beside the virus. It is important to know that the virus can be spread even when you cannot see any sores.

I really don't know where on earth that 4 year old could enjoy gotten herpes unless she had them at birth.

Newborns can be infected beside HSV at birth. This usually happens when a woman have her primary outbreak close to the time of delivery and the child is delivered through the vagina. Usually, in these cases, the woman any does not have symptoms or is uninformed of symptoms. The chance of endorsement the virus to the baby is greatly reduced during returning outbreaks (less than 1% of the time). Babies infected with the virus at birth are at risk for serious strength problems.

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It could only just be that she has be in close contact ie someone beside the herpes virus on there mouths.if someone next to a cold sore touches something after touching there mouth next to a cold sore then a child touches it and touches down below consequently it can be transfered.

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