Are women who have bad PMT any more likely to get post natal depression?

I'm not pregnant, just thinking in the order of the future, I tend to draw from really depressed and irritable at that time of the month, and can feel pretty hopeless and lethartic for a couple of days. Is near any link between PMT and postnatal depression?

Anyone have that implantable birth control? What did you think?

I an find no studies to speak that there's a association, so that would indicate that there is no unchangeable link.

But did you know within are lots of natural remedies that can relief PMT, if you are serious about doing something positive for yourself next this is a great article
It will tight lots of changes, and you won't see instant results, but it will be worth it in the long run.

But up to that time you start on the natural route later you must go to your Dr a short time ago to tell him what you plan on doing and grasp his support, and to check it's OK for you to go ahead.

Wishing you lots of luck next to this, and good luck for when you try to start a line!

What is the best way to seize rid of stretch marks? im not really big but enjoy them on my hips just want rid!x?

I don't really ponder so.

Has proactiv been proven to not work?

I suffer doomed to failure every month and I got 2 kids and thank goodness I didn't get post natal depression beside either of them - conceivably I was merely lucky I don't know!


They say that women who enjoy a history of mental illness are more credible to suffer PND but you don't sound any different to any other womanly I know in vocabulary of how your monthly cycle affects you.

I know you don't really care roughly speaking how other women suffer really and truly when you are in the midst of PMS and the other rubbish associated beside womens cycles but I thought I would add it simply to let you know.

Hormones affect women surrounded by ways we would never expect and unfortunately in that is little we can do about it but soldier on similar to the troopers we have adjectives learnt to be.

Hope this helps


I am 32, and a short time ago recently made love?

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I am 38 years old, I have a miscarraige at 5 weeks. I do belive it had to do beside the xrays I had done. The?

I be part of a study once where on earth post natal depression was studied. It turned out that single women suffered smaller number or no post natal depression than those with partner. I had it really discouraging with my first two. None at adjectives when my partner left me and i have to go it alone.
I know it isn't like thing but i found it interesting also that indistinguishable survey found that cot death did not come about with babies who slept near the mother.

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