Can you contract Aids by swallowing semen?


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As previous answerers have mentioned, HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus), which can front to AIDS (Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome), is a blood based virus, so any other environment is toxic or fatal to the virus over time (a short period). so it can survive for surrounding substance length of time in semen or vaginal fluid, and for an even substandard time exposed to air or contained by other kinds of fluids, and smaller number still in tart like the hydrochloric sharp in your stomach.

There are several ways for the virus within semen to get into the bloodstream as it travels toward your stomach. Sores and unstop cuts on the mouth have be mentioned. inflammation of the larynx, bronchioles, tonsils, sinus tract, pharynx or esophogus that includes an abrasion, burst blood vessel or pore, that comes into contact with the infection could be a finances of contraction.

It also takes some time for the virus to be destroyed, even contained by acid, so if you hold a stomach ulcer, or even purely a thinning of the mucus wall of the stomach lining where on earth the virus could 'hide' till it finds better accomodation, it could be a finances of contraction.

Think of the virus as a group of terrorists, trying to infiltrate your inner sanctum and destroy your immunological safeguard system. by swallowing the semen of an infected person you are harboring those terrorist cell in an environment that will PROBABLY waste them, but you know there are plentiful more where they come from.

Are you willing to steal the gamble that 'probably' will prevail? is it worth the risk for somewhat momentary satisfaction?

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yes..if you have any open out sores or cuts in your mouth

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If you own open sores surrounded by your mouth

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Unless you have a sore or cut contained by your mouth where some AIDS virus could enter your bloodstream, it would be to some extent unlikely, but yes, it is certainly possible (provided, as expected, that the semen you swallow is carrying AIDS).

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yes, thru any bodily fluids

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yes you can

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Not by swallowing, since the virus is unworkable to surviving in the acidity of the digestive tract, but if you do enjoy sores in your mouth within's a slight chance.

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yes it comes from the exchange of body fluids anyway you exchange it

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You CAN attain the HIV virus, wich could develope into AIDS by having semen contained by your mouth. The act surrounded by and of itself of swallowing it is irrelevant, the oral cavity itslef is usually the vector of infection in oral sex though as there are frequent more entry ways into the blood streem there. I don't thinkyou could assume you are protected in recent times by swallowing it into your stomach, but more than likely the virus would not survive within the stomach itself.

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Probably not, because once the fluid is exposed to the heavens. the HIV (virus) loses its potence.
However it is not a good. view after all. clinically I anticipate.

Good Luck

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Semen ejaculated into your mouth from a man next to hiv/aids COULD infect you.

Semen allowed to stand in the open nouns, say a shot chalice etc. for 5 minutes or so and allowed to liquefy, will not.

Semen as dressing on salad from a man with aids WONT infect you.

If you are doing Semen Therapy and your donor have aids, always consent to his semen liquefy before you swallow it.

Semen Therapy is the practice of swallowing the ejaculation of a fighting fit man, three times a week or more, for the health benefits.

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