IBS or Endometriosis?

I've been to a gastroenterologist for my stomach problems. He did an endoscopy and found that I have a hiatial hernia and an inflamed esophagus which accounts for the acid reflux and naseau issues I've be having. Also, he tested for a multitude of gastro diseases. My intestines are inflamed.

He believes I have IBS, which is controlled with diet and medication. When I stray from my diet, I hold diarrhea and less often constipation. I have appalling cramps from the diarrhea. I KNOW that certain foods and stress trigger my IBS.

One of the only signs of endometriosis I have is occasional torment after sex. But it's a light cramping and only occurs after sex surrounded by deep positions. If you know a food is triggering your stomach issues, is it NOT endometriosis? Also, my doctor never mentioned anything about possibly having endo.

I'm fearful I have endometriosis, but considering the testing I've had done the doctor showed me why I be feeling the way I was.
Coming from a 10 year IBS sufferer...

The crucial reason you have pains during and after sex is when your intestines are full, or are in a through inflammation stage.
I hurt and cramp during and after sex when I am in a constipation stage. It doesn't matter the size of his penis, two things are going on..
1. The contractions you have during sex motive cramping everywhere down in that area.
2. Your intestines are so sensitive that any rigorous sex or trauma to you lower quadrants will cause niggle.
It's doubtful that's it endometrosis, but if you are that concerned, go to a gyno and have them run tests, but I am pretty sure it's not base on the problems you are describing.

I hope this helps some. Source(s): Here are a few links...and I have had the disease for 10 years.
I know I'm not in reality answering the question, I just wanted to thank you for posting it, because I be diagnosed with IBS last week, after about 2 years of test (MRI's, Ultrasounds, Cat Scans, Endoscopy, Colonoscopy, Blood Tests, X Rays) I've had every possible test and no answer. I starred you and Mrs. Everything and added you guys to my contacts. Thank you for the question and helping me find more information!

P.S. My gastroenterologist in truth told me I might have endometriosis, but I was tested for that and it came out gloomy. My stomach problems aren't very food specific, I can eat something one day and be fine, and afterwards eat it the next day and be sick to my stomach.

Sorry for the overshare, I'm in recent times happy to see I have someone I can relate to, because no one I know intuitively understands what it's like to constantly feel sick.

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