Why my friend by mistake urinates during sneezing? ?

she did not have this problem before her nativity. Can any medical persons answer this problem? I shall be so greatful indeed.

Answers:    Weakness in the Kegel muscles. Kegel exercises should advance that. They are the muscle you use to stop your urine flow. The best way to figure out how to control them is start and stop and start and stop while peeing. .
Weakening of the pelvic floor muscles can organize to stress incontinence. People with stress incontinence will lose urine while coughing or sneezing.

Stress incontinence is all too adjectives after having a baby, as confinement puts quite a strain on the muscles in the pelvic nouns.

Have your friend see her OB/GYN. The doctor will give her some exercises to strengthen her pelvic muscles. .
Tell her to do Kegel Exercises.

It's common. She should convey her gynecologist and he or she will help her. Sometimes the Kegel exercise can help, sometimes surgery. This happen to me as well. You Have to practice your kegal exercises, to strengthen that area. I will post a net site that will explain about kegals a little better..
She have weak bladder muscles. Tell her to do her kegel exercises and/or start a walking routine to strengthen them up again. yep yep its super common
elder age
oer weight
and child birth can cause it...

she can do keigles several times a sunshine for 2-3 weeks

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