Where is a woman's G-Spot, does it move?


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The female g-spot is located a few inches inside the vagina on the front wall (towards the belly button) It is a bunch of nerves that surround the urethral duct that can be reached through the vaginal wall. That are of the vagina ma discern a bit rougher than the rest. It is different for every female but it does not move! as a woman gets more aroused it will engorge and become more evident and also feel better!



It does not move. It's at the top of the inside of the vagina, not usually more than 2" in. f

If you insert your fingers within so that your fingertips are touching the inside top of your vagina, feel around for a spot that is more or less the size of a dime, that feels a little bit bumpy and spongey. This is the g-spot.

Once you've found it and figure out how to make it feel dutiful on your own, it will make future sex better because you'll know how to carry a partner to stimulate it.

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G-Spot is very questionable. There are some doctors say that G-Spot is something psychological and some vote that it is the point that is 3-5 cm's from enterance and on the front wall of the vagina. But I have never see such a thing. The front wall of the vagina is more sensible because it is connected to clitoris. There is nothing constant about this subject.
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The proximal anterior wall of the vagina. It's the homologue of the prostate in a woman and it doesn't move.

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it doesn't move. its simply very hard to achieve to.
how to locate it http://www.howtohavegoodsex.com/the.fema...
they explain it better than me

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oh, you'll know it when you hit it honey...lol
and no it doesnt move

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I think it depends and I'm rightly sure it doesn't move.

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i think the clittiros?

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