Some munificent of skin whitening soap. abet me please?

okay so today i went to the oriental store, to buy food, but this lady suggested me to use this quality of soap. the box says skin whitening soap. my face is two different colors (because i own eczema) and i wanted to know what this soap is for. if i use it will it really make my skin white? please backing me because i do not want to mess up my skin more then it already is.

p.s the soap is called likas papaya. and it is made within the philippines. PLEASE HELP

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Eczema is treatable. You can use hyrdocortozone (spelling)cream or u can get a perscription for the doctors! As fas as the soap.

Likas Papaya Soap is winner of the 2003 National Consumers Quality Award for Hall of Fame Best Papaya Herbal Soap. Also be winner in 2003 of Asia-Pacific Excellence Awards for Outstanding Papaya Herbal Soap Brand. likas papaya soap is first Filipino pure life herbal soap. It is enriched with papaya enzyme and blended next to tropical herbs to whiten the skin. Usually people resembling it because it makes clearer and finer skin complexion. Each likas papaya soap is orange-schemed and carries the Mystica Logo throughout its paper. It comes in a clean ginger bar and there are no evident bubbles inside it. likas papaya soap is solid in bar form and packed like sardines in a box, and never sold in bits and bobs, or as overruns. Its weight is exactly 135 grams and has no strong odor and have no harsh ingredients. likas papaya soap should be used while taking a bath or shower, or when a moment ago washing face on a day by day basis.

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Well, according to the things I read about it within are papaya enzymes and herbs in the soap that brand name the skin whiter and clearer. I didn't find any mention of it helping, or hurting, skin with eczema. You might try it and see if it's drying or if your skin feels any better, softer. If it feel dry then discontinue using it.

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Be very punctilious. I heard about whitening creams that copious women wear in Asia so that their skin is paler and it may be harmful or contain things that irritate your skin. Before you use it, I suggest checking near your doctor just to be sure. They may have a better product you can use.

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I own eczema too and i bought some of that stuff but i haven't used it ..i'm selling it (for a cheaper price) cause i don't want it..but i would just try to suntan my whole face over if I be you, just don't use anymore of that stuff!! GOD BLESS AND GOOD LUCK!! :D :D

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^ more info on skin whitening on the second link

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If you suffer from eczema i wouldnt use it, i suffer frm eczema and anything a part from e45 make my face flair up and sore so i end up at the doctors, conceivably try it on another part of your body first see what happens

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i swear contained by my life if you use those soap ''papaya'' it will get you white skin u enjoy to at least buy like 13 soaps to truly have white skin i promise you they work really good

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