Period problems: It won't stop! relieve?

I went through it normally beside regular bleeding for seven days, but now it keeps bleeding...but it's of late the brown, remnant sort. I'm going on my thirteenth day! Should I be really concerned or is it just young regularity ?

Answers:    Go to the doctor quick..
To be honest, when I have a longer time between period it lasts longer. For example: If my count is 32 days or so, I get the commonplace 5-7 day period. But if my count is 45 days, I'll procure a 9-11 day period. So consider that - but if you've never have any kind of problem before I would ask your doctor because if you do not stop bleeding it will become a serious problem. If you're newly starting to have your menses (Menarche), then you don't enjoy to worry about that. Some girls who are only starting may experience period irregularities for one year... it is just your body getting used to adjectives those fluctuating hormones. In a year or two, you will most probably have normal menstrual cycles..
if you in recent times started your period within the final year, then it is nothing to verbs about
even if it is within the closing 2 years, there really isn't a problem
drink lots of water, and it should stop surrounded by a few days
i had my second period progress on for almost 3 weeks and still wasn't quite regular until about 4 years subsequently
don't worry .
Totally normal. I have the same problems when i first started. and yes, they lasted something like that long. Give it a year or two. It's still irregular. It will straighten up when you've had it for a few years. Mine has be regular for about 8 months and i've had mine for solitary 2 years. ( started (a) 11.13 now) =] my doctor told me that it is an issue to be concerned about if the bleeding doesn't stop on the 20-25th day.

if its brown consequently it is almost over. now if it were to be red resembling it should be on the 2nd day then i would absolutely go to a doctor then and hold them check it out..
I would see a gyno about that i had that surface to me and i had a cyst on my ovary it is common for girls to catch it but sometimes you need medicine to abet you get rid of it or you may have something wrong surrounded by that area if you catch my drift see a doctor give or take a few it you should never ignore things like that. I've stayed on for 3 weeks, 2 wks, 1 light of day, 4 days..thats how my cycle was..all over the place. I go to my gyno and he explained to me that a woman's hormones can change. that sometimes ur body doesnt do the same article..he told me it was normal..its only just ur body changing as well as ur hormones...u will be doc couldnt do anything, but if u r that worried turn to a doc.
It's becuase your period is still irregular. Your body is still adjusting to it. If it exceeds 20 days see a doctor. If not don't verbs about it! Ive had period that long before, but if it doesn't stop soon you might want to see a doctor..
most likley it's just your body going through change. give it a few more days, if it doesn't stop see a doctor.
wait a couple more days to a week. if it keep going, tell ur mom. dont worry all the same! =) yes.
i would see a doctor straight away.
idk give it another day or so if it keep going on u might want to go to the doctor see your doctor.
how old are you?

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