Kind of shameful sound out..?

Is it normal that when you get your length to have clitoral pain? Is it because of resembling dried blood getting around it or something? I know this sounds gross but does that happen to anyone else?

Answers:    It could be hormones. Hormones control so many things surrounded by your body, and clitoral stimulation is one of those. Mine gets a little extra sensitive that time of the month, as okay. If it lasts after your period is done, and you are itchy, burning, and red down at hand, it may be an infection. In that case, see your doctor! GL!.
I‘m sorry to hear of your situation. To answer your question, clitorodynia simply channel pain in the clitoris, and vulvodynia resources pain in the vulvar nouns, both of which can present with a burning, stinging or pin prick-like sensation.

The causes are not capably known, but it could be due to either trauma or resolve damage due to other reasons.

I would suggest to stick to the medication prescribed by your doctor and build sure to follow up regularly to voice any concerns or questions you have.

Here is an article which list other treatments you can discuss with your doctor:

And here is some more information on vulvodynia:
happens to me to does the blood find up to your clit?.
no,but idk about you

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