Do you other see the fetus contained by a miscarriage?

i missed my period one month.The next month i get it for 5 days as usual. Then it came back the subsequent day but when i wipped there be something there. Itwas weird looking. kinda looked resembling oval shaped, red and the size of a gold fish. It had a squiggly tail that be clearish white. It wasnt a blood clot. what was it? I couldnt see the fetus, was this a miscarriage?

Answers:    Gee, frozen to say. See here:
If you miscarried, then it probably happen several days before it came out, so it wouldn't be the full 8-week fetus (by my calculation, if you got pregnant 2 weeks before your skipped time of year, then were pregnant for the subsequent month until you miscarried (more technically, it's called a spontaneous abortion), you were pregnant for 6 weeks, which is call an 8-week fetus, since they count from the time of your last period. Anyway, so, be it around 1/3 inch long?

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