Bed Wetting for Women Only

I am new to this answers thing, but here go. At least once a month I have these vivid dreams, which usualy I don't remember - later I wake up drenched down there. It is embarassing and I hold not wet the bed since kindergarden. How do I stop this and are there any medication available.

Answers:    First thing is to know whether it's urine or just copious vaginal wetness. If it's urine, you should see a doctor and find out why you're suddenly losing conttrol of your bladder after so various years... Kegel exercises might help:

... but if it's vaginal, your vivid dreams are just arousing your body into producing a great deal of fluid, and the just solution is wearing a pad to bed..
it could be female ejaculation. woman can own wet dreams to. you may have be masturbating in your sleep. it may seem gross but smell your mitt after it if it smells like your vagina that you were probely touching it within your sleep. but if the stain is yellow and smells like pee than you in recent times peed the bed. don't worry it happens to everyone. I reflect on it's night dischrge due to wetdream. (how old are you?). If you are elder than 11yrs, it's natural for you (bcos you wrote it happens once a month)..
Go to the Dr for an exam. You could hold a bladder infection.

Stop all fluids 2-3 hours before bed time, but this is not a typical occourance.

Get to a Dr.
There are medications availible to treat, not cure, bedwetting. I would go see a doctor. the individual thing i can think of is start doing keegle excersies..

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