I dont scrounging to be intolerable.. but how do boys masterbate?

Answers:    I'm pretty sure this belongs in the men's strength section.

The short answer: Make a fist around the penis and move the appendage up and down. It's like intercourse beside the hand standing within for the vagina.

There's quite a bit of guides for masturbation technique on the web if you a short time ago do a search for manly masturbation. I can't provide links to the vast majority though because they contain pictures of penises. Plus there's other porn for a video demonstration. Hand jobs/masturbation are a standard in porn.

Here's one guide I found lacking pictures: http://sexuality.just about.com/od/anatomyres...
they jack off. the clutch their hand and put it on their erected penis. they next move it up and down sometimes slowly and sometimes fast. they also sometimes rub the organizer of the penis for more pleasure. until they ejaculate. they might also hump things. or rub vasaline all over their penis. hope that help! give a boy a paw job and you'll know (: you stroke/ rub your penis until you achieve an erection and try to keep going till you c u m

...fantacizing doesnt hurt lol
Erm.. put this surrounded by men's health and a in one piece tonn of pervertic guys will answer you.. i have no model.. just similar to everyone else said, hold it tight and move it up and down until u ejaculate or whatever.

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